I never thought that i could be obsessed with a mushroom before.
But it happen. Drum roll please and a standing ovation to MR
Jonathan Anderson for creating this piece of art.
This hand painted leather jacket from the A/W16 collection #NEED.

Available at Farefetch.com

Illustration designed by me.

The bomber

I am a sucker for bomber jackets ,i have been collecting them for the past three years. I always found them uber cool and easy to wear.So even if i live in a country that the temperature is high most of the time i love to wear my bombers.That can explain why i bought this one mid August and i got to wear it now in November. But i guess i was kind of love at first site.


bomber jacket Zara 

When in Paris - Insta Diary

One more Paris fashion week has ended and i just realised that i never shared my fashion week memories with all of you. In case you don't follow me on instagram (: @eliastig ) or on snapchat (eliashlof) stop everything you are doing and go follow now. Check out my paris fashion week memorises .

E ! 

burgers and sweet potato fries @blend

drinks @hotel costes

parisian beauty @le marais

backstage @natargeorgiou presentation at Le Meurice presidential suite

favourite looks 

THE best burger in Paris @ ruc cafe

hidden smoking room at derrier 

it was a VETEMENTS season so of course the colette window it was
dedicated to them

catching some parisian sun raid with my babe  Andria - andriasdose check her out she's the coolest version of me ;) 

Basketball grey

Hello ! 

My favorite designer duo natargeorgiou created a mens capsule collection so i couldn't resist taking my basketball and hitting the court to shoot this amazing pieces! 
For this post Im in natargeorgiou knitted grey bomber jacket with fur hood and printed trousers. I complite the look with Asos grey beanie , Dior sunglasses and Reebok classic ehite sneakers! 


Photos by the awesome @andriasdose -


Hello , its me..

I know i told this a hundred times but im back again , this time im not going to promise that i will post often , I'm just gonna say you will see more of me! 
For this post I'm getting worm in a H&M sheep skin (faux of course) bomber jacket   
Spitfire lenon sunglasses , H&M trend croped trousers and Reebok classics white sneakers .


E . 

Photos by the talented Andria Aletrari aka 

Madwalk x natargeorgiou photo diary

Once again i had the honour to work with these amazing designers.
This time i styled their show in Athens for madwalk.
For my non Greek readers madwalk also know as the fashion music project, its a fashion show with multiple designers where music artist and fashion designers collaborate something similar to Vh1 fashion rocks.
natargeorgiou chose to present pieces from their FW16 collection combined with pieces made especially for the event.

Im happy to give you a taste of the backstage madness through my lenses in B&W.



Photos by me and 3lblog.com

natargeorgiou FW15-16 lookbook

I  know its been a while since my last post but i was super busy.Im back and i hope i can keep up. This time I'm not going to share a personal look but i chose to share my latest styling work. The say third time's a charm so i guess its true. Its the third season i am collaborating with these uber talent guys and i have to say its their best collection up to date. Im honoured to share for you guys the FW 15-16 lookbook. Fur, leather and of course their signature knit mixed together to create the best collection your going to lay your eyes on these season. 


Photo: Thanos Houtos
Make-up / hair : Penny Kandilioti
Styling : Ilias Ttiggis
Model: Lena Melcher @ IMG Worldwide

Black Knight

Yesterday i got the chance to visit an amazing mansion and while i was there i thought why not pull out my camera and throw on an authentic knight armour and blog. 

For this post I'm wearing an Alexander Wang x H&M neoprene hoodie , Zara faux leather tracksuit 
and Kenzo sneakers.




When in a fedora hat the outfit turns to look like a torero (bullfighter) / cowboy so thats the inspiration behind this post. Even though I'm missing my lasso I'm in a Zara fedora hat , natargeorgiou velvet elephant print bomber jacket , Marni crop trousers , Nike Roshe run sneakers and Adidas Originals white socks.


photos by natarageorgiou

Wang Delight

Well i know it's been a  while since my last post , 4 months actually but I've been  super busy.
Now im back and i will try my best to post more. 
I visited Istanbul and i have to say its a magical city.While i was there between the long hours spend in Grand Bazaar and walking the streets of Nisantasi i found some time so here it is!

For this post im wearing Alexander Wang x H&M sweatshirt and sunglasses, Asos tshirt, natargeorgiou SS15 neoprene trousers and knit backpack , sneakers Adidas Stan Smith.



photosby natargeorgiou


aqua (countable and uncountableplural aquas or aquae
(inorganic chemistry) The compound water.

Mid summer and the mood is kind of Blue jeans white shirt , but with a twist . Wet. 
For this post im in Dolce &Gabbana shirt, Topman denim , Slides Adilette Adidas and Dior SoReal sunglasses. 

H&M summer icon

 I am proud to announce you that I am truly honoured to be one of the Summer Icons at the first H&M Summer Party which will take place at H&M's flagship store in Athens. If you are in Athens on Thursday the 5th of June come join me to discover together the new H&M summer collection.

Με μεγάλη μου χαρά σας ανακοινώνω οτι θα είμαι ένα απο τα Summer Icons στο πρώτο H&M Summer Party, όπου θα παρουσιαστεί η καλοκαιρινή συλλογή της Η&Μ που φέτος, έχει ως κεντρικό πρόσωπο τη Gisele Bündchen.με βασικά κομμάτια μόδας για απόλυτες καλοκαιρινές εμφανίσεις καθώς και κομμάτια από τη σειρά μαγιό.

Την Πέμπτη 5 Ιουνίου, από τις 5 το απόγευμα, στο flagship store της Η&Μ στην Αθήνα, Ερμού 54.

Είσοδος ελεύθερη – free drinks

Για όσους παρευρεθούν στο πρώτο H&M Summer Party, φωτογραφήστε ή φωτογραφηθείτε με το αγαπημένο σας summer item κατά τη διάρκεια του Η&Μ Summer Party, ανεβάστε το στο Instagram με το hashtag #HMSummerItem, και συμμετέχετε στη κλήρωση για μια δωροεπιταγή 100€ από την Η&Μ.
O νικητής θα ανακοινωθεί στην επίσημη σελίδα του event στο Facebook και στον επίσημο λογαριασμό της Η&Μ στο twitter (@hmhellas), την Παρασκευή 6 Ιουνίου, 2014.