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molton brown russian leather

I'ts always exciting when a new Molton Brown product is released because Im always tempted to find out the new scent they created. This time their new Eau de Toilette fragnance is Russian Leather.

When i saw the name i was very intrigued , i got the urge to let my nostrils inhale a little piece of heaven because this is the only way to describe this scent  . 

The notes:  This distinctive new fragrance is an olfactive impression of the bygone Russian Leather-making craft, practised only
by a few remote villages perched on forest edges. Emulating the craft’s complex artisanry, Molton Brown has
tempered aged leather accord with fresh Siberian pine oil and trails of cade wood oil; an expression of the wild,
carnal sensuality of charred wood. This is deepened by resinous birch oil; an ingredient used since the 17th
century to saturate Russian Leather, giving it a unique durability and scent for the creation of boots, suitcases and




molton brown russian leather